What I Learned from Selena Gomez By: Emma Danzey

As I was on Facebook, I saw Selena Gomez was trending because she was the most followed person on instagram. This pop star/actress has 100 million followers. To help you grasp how big of a deal that is, 100 million is equivalent to:

  • 1,000 x 100,000
  • 10,000 x 10,000
  • 1/3 of the population of the United States


Interestingly enough, just days before this milestone was reached, the news announced that Selena was struggling with anxiety and depression triggered by her Lupus. She decided to take a break from her career and just was admitted into a rehab facility.

You might be thinking, wow! How can someone who was “on top of the world” be struggling so terribly? She has everything? She is beautiful, rich, famous, is in the T-Swift “squad,” has a nice home, cool car, and has traveled the world doing what she loves to do. Why at the peak of her career has she crumbled and had to take a break?
Galatians 6:2 says, Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. It is SO easy to look at other girls around us and to believe that they have life under control. Someone as successful and popular as Selena who posts happy and exciting pictures on instagram in reality has probably been depressed, anxious, and barely making it through each day this past year on tour. I imagine she woke up (like many of us) thinking that life was hard. She probably dealt with tough days having a pounding heartbeat, sick stomach, and just wanted to stay in her room alone and sleep. She likely was homesick and felt alone, even though every night she was surrounded by thousands of fans.

I want to encourage you today that it is ok to not have life all figured out. It is normal to have difficulties. It is authentic to share your struggles with your friends and not hide behind the “perfect life” facade. Trust me, I’ve tried it and it never works. People say “put on a happy face,” well God did not say, “be happy always” He said, “be joyful always.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

The Bible defines joy as a fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22) Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, these Christ-like gifts can only are accessed through the Holy Spirit. Although people might describe some of these as emotions or feelings, they are all Spirit-given gifts. We must choose to live by the Spirit and not by the flesh. (Galatians 5:16) We cannot do this on our own, but we can call upon the Lord and He can give us joy on a hard day. This does not mean that we smile and pretend everything is great, it means that in the midst of trials and pain, we cling to the hope of eternity and ask for the joy of Heaven to be in our hearts.

What are you going through right now that you just want to brush under the rug out of embarrassment or pride? It is ok to share your heart and the reality of your situation with your family and friends. Reach out to others because you never know how you will bless them with your genuineness.

One time I told my college roommate some of the junk in my past and shared how the Lord redeemed me of it. She responded, “Wow, I’m actually kind of glad you told me, because it helps me know that you are
not ‘perfect.’” Two things happened to me in that moment. One I was heartbroken over the fact that because my past sins have been more internal that others saw me as a goodie-goodie. And two, I was so happy that I was vulnerable with her and shared some scars

d2ns2zrSo to Selena Gomez, we are praying for
you as you heal and escape the stress of the world to work through your struggles and sickness. Girls, our social medias, makeup, and wardrobes can make us look like we are coasting through life, but what if we get real with others and help them know that they are not alone? May we are be authentically living out the love and hope of Jesus and using our weaknesses for His glory.


Your Sister,

Emma Danzey



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