Breakfast. Nothin’ To Be Afraid Of.

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” John 21:12

October makes me think of scary things. You know, things that go ‘boo’ and give me the shivers. Maybe you’ve got things that spook you, too. But breakfast should never be one of them. In fact, if anything should frighten you, it should be the potential risk to your health for skipping this essential meal.

breakfast-1580328_1920When I worked in private practice, it wasn’t unusual for a client to admit to being a breakfast skipper. And I don’t mean they were masters of a fishing boat. Among the reasons given were, ‘I’m not hungry’ or ‘It might make me fat’. But the most common explanation was, ‘I don’t have time.


If you’ve used this same excuse (and it is one), I challenge you to make the time. Here’s why…

1)         Eating breakfast boosts metabolism. Our bodies undergo an eight to twelve hour fast while sleeping and our metabolic rate slows. Research strongly suggests we end the sleep-induced fast at some point after waking. If you work nights and wake in the afternoon, then that’s your breakfast hour. So, whether or not we feel hungry, our sluggish metabolism requires a jump start, much like poking at embers stokes them into a warm fire.

2)         Eating breakfast can help lower risk of disease. We are more likely to eat well throughout the day, to acquire the essential nutrients our body needs, and are less likely to consume calorically dense foods that have a poor nutrient profile. This could lower the risk of heart disease, one of the leading causes of death among Americans. Particular cancers are also known to be associated with poor dietary intake.

So far, it’s not looking good for breakfast skippers.

3)         Breakfast eaters are less likely to overeat throughout the day and come closer to reaching recommended requirements for vitamins and minerals.

4)         Consuming breakfast elevates mood and increases mental alertness.

Ever heard the word ‘hangry’? It describes one who is angry and hungry. Makes perfect sense. And low blood sugar is the likely culprit. Irritability, mood swings, and difficulty maintaining mental focus is higher among breakfast skippers.

In John 21:12, Jesus was preparing fish and bread one morning on the shore of Galilee. He invited His disciples to “Come and have breakfast.” While this presents an invitation to be nourished by God Himself and the bread of His word, I believe He also literally meant, “Come sit yourselves down and consume this bread and fish with Me.”

Note the meal He offered contained complex carbohydrate and high protein, an awesome way to start the day.

Ready to commit?

Refined blog image.jpg
Totally Non-Scary Breakfast Foods that Allow for Creative Combinations:

To raise those fasting blood sugar levels gradually, include complex carbohydrates, such as whole grain cereals, tortillas, bagels, or whole wheat toast, granola, English Muffins or oatmeal along with some fresh fruit and fresh veggies. Combine this with a protein source to increase alertness. A cheese stick, cottage cheese in a cup, peanut butter, milk, oy or almond milk, turkey sausage, lean ham, edamame, yogurt, nuts or eggs are excellent choices.

Of course, always keep those fav high complex carb and protein bars in stock and within reach.

Make the choice. Still think you don’t have time for breakfast? I get that. But if you truly desire to join Jesus’ breakfast club, it’ll take a commitment to change old ways of thinking and behaviors.

Preparation must take top priority. Each weekend, survey your pantry, then procure what you need and prepare several easy-peasy mini-meals ahead of time (Ex. last night’s black bean, rice and cheese dish in a microwave cup; a yogurt and fresh fruit parfait sprinkled with granola; hard boiled eggs…). Or prep a simple breakfast each evening before you call it a night.

However you do it, just say ‘no’ to being a breakfast skipper. Because there’s nothing scary about breakfast…except the potential health risks of staying the same old course.

To Market With Mary~

Try a Kind protein bar. Great source of fiber, protein and complex carbs for an easy breakfast or snack. There are several varieties, some with only 5 grams of sugar. But you’d never know it (




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