woman-511849_1920Waiting…. It’s the one thing that is viewed as a huge dilemma in American society. If we have to wait in line for longer than 5 minutes for our favorite cup of coffee we feel anxious. Spending a long amount of time checking out at the grocery store just gets our blood pressure rising. We have everything at our fingertips…from being able to talk with people across the globe whenever we want, to being able to check social media instantly, or being able to order something online and have it shipped to your house within hours. We want more things and we want it now! We have believed the lie that waiting is an inconvenience instead of a blessing.

God’s word paints a different picture of waiting than what we are accustomed to on a daily basis. There are numerous examples throughout scripture where God purposefullymade his people wait.


  • Abraham and Sarah waited for God to fulfill the promise of Isaac
  • Joseph waited as he was sold into slavery before he could reign over his family
  • The Israelites waited 40 years in the desert before entering the promised land
  • Hannah waited through infertility struggles before she had Samuel


I am extremely impatient, yet I am in a season of waiting. The beauty of not getting what I have desperately prayed for at this very moment is getting to see the Lord work in my life. Day after day I’m pleading with God to answer my prayer. Along the way, I have encountered his goodness as he softens my heart to his plan and his timing. God is transforming me from focusing on what I think I need to simply wanting Him. I’m learning how to delight in God, regardless if he answers my prayer. I still fervently ask for the very same thing I began pleading to him about months ago. The difference between now and where I started, is how I long for intimacy with God more than I do an answer.

As I learn to enjoy the Lord I find myself overwhelmed with how he has blessed me. He reminds me of all the riches that come from knowing him personally. God is challenging me to dwell on what I do have, instead of what I don’t. I am learning to be thankful in all circumstances.


Thankful that God listens….

Thankful that God is molding me into the image of his Son…

Thankful that God is sovereign and fully in charge…

Thankful that He is near…

Thankful that He cares enough to reveal his character to me…

For those of you in a season of waiting, may you be encouraged that it is purposeful. God uses this time to teach us. He desires his children to want Him more than we want an answer. Rejoice my friend, for God is transforming your character along the way. May you learn to enjoy the Lord as you wait.


Written By: Lauren Bush

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