Season of Thanks

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am a senior in high school. I am involved in many curricular and extracurricular activities in my community. You would not need to know me for very long to figure out that I am a very busy person, but I usually love having something to do. As a senior, I am turning in many college applications and reflecting on my high school experience, even my experience as a young person living at home with my parents.
Today, I was thinking about myself in seventh grade. I never would have imagined where I am today: getting ready to graduate high school, eligible for an IB diploma, conducting an award winning marching band, and applying for my dream college. But as I reflect I see things that have been both good and bad, experiences I have learned from and will carry with me forever.


As a young child, I took dance every week for more than seven years. That taught me discipline. From fourth grade to eighth grade, I swam for a club team, training almost every day and participated in meets every month. In swimming I made life long friends and I do not know what I would dowithout them.
My life is much different now than it was then. However, there is oneimg_5360 thing that has never changed since I was a little girl, my love for Jesus and my church family.My church friends are the ones I look forward to seeing each week. And God has never left my side. He has always been with me, every day, in every way. When I feel lonely, He is there, when I get a 100 on the hardest test ever, He is there. He always sends people to love me and show His love. He is there in the chaos of a swim meet and when I conduct on the field at a football game.


img_7891I appreciated my relationship with God now more than ever! In public high school, I have not had homework to analyze scripture or have been asked by the teachers to pray for someone who needs it. I have really been pushed in my personal faith. As I look back and see what He has done for me, I realize that I don’t deserve His love. He never stops loving us whether we are broken, happy, angry or worried. The Lord never gives up and He is not finished with us yet.

Take time to reflect on how God has shaped you, how He is working in your life, even though you may not realize it now. In this upcoming season of Thanksgiving, challenge yourself to find one thing to be thankful for everyday. Write it down and take a look back around Thanksgiving to see how God has provided for you and your family. Don’t keep these things to yourself: take these praises as an opportunity to share with your friends and family. Trust me, one of the most encouraging things for me to see is how God is working in the lives of my friends.

Have a blessed October, my friends, and remember: He’s not finished with you yet.


Sarah Jeanne:)

Teen Blogger 


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