The Power of a Vote

More than 1.1 million Americans have died in battle so that we can have freedom. Part of independence is having the right to vote. Did you know only around 30% of US citizens vote? Many of you may not be 18 yet, but I am sure all of you are being exposed to the presidential race this year. There is a large amount of drama surrounding the whole election. Not to mention a ton of mud slinging and the media’s interpretation of events. As young women, some of us not even of age to cast a vote yet, we can find it difficult to know what to believe.

presidential-election-1336480_1280Many of us are calling this the election the “lesser of two evils.” We feel as if the two candidates have major flaws and we are in a constant state of panic and fear as a nation. I want to implore each of you to know that we do not need to lose hope as believers in Jesus Christ. There are countless times throughout scripture where people had evil rulers of their countries. Citizens such as Daniel, Moses, Esther, and even Jesus had to deal with corrupt actions in their government systems. In the midst of their adversities, they trusted the Sovereign Lord. Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

I want to encourage you today my sister, do not be discouraged about America. Instead, take that energy to pray and seek God’s wisdom on who to vote for. There is nothing worse that an American citizen can do than to skip out on voting. When we sit out on any election (big or small) we are enslaving ourselves. We sacrifice the freedom and independence that millions died for so that we can possess. If you are young than 18, take this as an opportunity to pray and begin to be educated yourself on our government and how it works so that you will be better prepared for your future ballot.
Secondly, stop watching the media for your updates on statistics. They are always going to be pulling for one candidate over the other depending on the station. As my aunt said, “the media gives the people what they want.” Let’s stop feeding the monster and show that we want the truth.


Our Leader is Jesus and no person can take our faith away from us. They can take our rights away though. Please do not be deceived that we will always have it easy in the land of the “free.” My state voted for a specific law a year ago and the national government decided that was not the decision they would have made so they overruled our state’s choice. This is not how true democracy works and the thing that used to set America apart was that it gave the power to the people. Now we should be concerned that the power is shifting and we need to be aware.
Lastly, have hope that the Lord is on the throne. As we suffer for our faith, may we consider it joy to be refined like Christ. This world is ugly and sinful; our treasure needs to be in Heaven. Elections and government do not need to steal our joy and distract us from our mission in life.

Sovote-1319435_1280 get out there and vote if you are able. Partake in this amazing opportunity to share your views on how the country should be run. YOU matter! Your vote counts! Your vote was fought for and died for, so go support the red, white and blue.


Your Patriotic Sister,

Emma Danzey


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