Color My World….

In today’s world of ever-changing trends, many people are thinking outside the box when it comes to their hair. As a professional stylist this can be exciting and challenging as I get to stretch my creative muscles to create a masterpiece of tresses. This can also prove fatal if I don’t consult with my client properly beforehand; establishing a relationship of trust and openness with my client allows me access to expertly assess the hair and the needs of my guest. Working in a salon I have seen how most clients don’t know how to express their desires clearly with their stylist, they see my chair as a confessional booth of everything they have done wrong with their hair; so as someone who works behind the chair I want to ease some fears of the salon and bury a few misconceptions of the color process.


1) Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy. We were taught this from a young age, but there are certain times in life that we don’t see it that way, one of those instances is in the salon chair. To correctly assess hair and the hair strands ability to hold color your stylist will probably ask you these types of questions:

 When was the last time you colored your hair? (Was it a box or professional?)

 What is your main goal for this service? (Lighten, darker, natural or vivid?)

 Are you on any medication? (Medication and illness play a huge role in the chemistry of your hair and what we can and cannot achieve during the service)

 Do you use any metallic based products (a.k.a Henna shampoo, color ect..)

2) Voice Questions and Concerns

Never be afraid to ask questions during a service. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a stupid question, just be open to hearing our honest answer. I think most of the client/stylist problems start with the apprehension of change and the dollar sign. Most people are afraid of change and they don’t have the sufficient funds to support such dramatic change. Don’t worry most stylist are willing to give at-home advice. Sometimes we do recommend an add-on salon service, but most of the time only recommend that extra service because it is needed and if you love what you do it isn’t always about the money, it is about the health of that client and their unique needs.


3) Pink Hair, Don’t Care 

Everything goes in the hair industry today. Colors of wonder and vibrancy from a dulled rose-gold to a luscious granny-gray, these colors are gorgeous and so much fun, but they do come at a cost. Most people come in, sit down and believe that there is a tube of pink or gray color that can just be slapped on their hair without much fuss or concern. This is not true; Colors such as these take time and money so if you are willing so are we. The average time in a salon chair for a vibrant pink or the start of a chilly gray tone is six hours. The hair MUST be lightened to achieve any color lighter than its natural color or any vivid color. The lightening process is the only way to achieve this. You also must be willing to lose some of the integrity of your hair, there are things you can add-on to your service to help protect your hair, but know your hair will be changed by the color process. Also, the actual cost of these services start at a higher price because of the time and product it takes to achieve this. It is never worth skipping a vital step to save money; color not done properly can ruin the hair strand to the point of breaking and falling out. It is always worth paying the professional.


4) Use professional products and shampoo sparingly 

I know, as a professional this is the hardest point to sell, literally. Purchasing professional shampoo and conditioner just seem like the unnecessary step to everything I just put you through, hours in the salon, hundreds of dollars later and now I am asking you to buy expensive product! To tell you the truth when I was in school I didn’t understand it either. I liked my grocery store product that smelled nice and cost me a total of ten-dollars, but through my own investigation and professional experience good product is the only way to go. It lacks all of the nasty stuff that grocery store product adds into theirs to act as fillers. Professional product actually puts back in the good stuff your hair needs, making it easier to transition from shampooing everyday to only a few times a week. Making it healthier for your hair since we need the natural oils our own body provides instead of stripping it every day with shampoo. Plus, if used correctly professional product will last longer than store bought product. Try it, I dare you.

(And yes; if you want your gray or pink to stay you must only shampoo twice a week with cold water….beauty is sacrifice)

I hope this helped with a few misconceptions of color, as a stylist I want my clients to enjoy their time in the salon instead of feeling stressed. I believe in the power of being educated and always being open to honesty. I believe that this industry has the ability to change lives and to speak truth. That is want I want for this profession and the people we serve to know and love Christ…”He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men.” (Ecc. 3:11) If you are a stylist speak truth into the lives of your clients. If you are a client there are a lot of stylist that need to know about Jesus, find one you like and be the light into his or her life…you might be the only Jesus they see. Press on my beauties and let you vibrant light shine!


Taylor is a Colorado native and a licensed hairstylist. She loves Jesus, fashion/hair and runs on coffee! Questions?

By: Taylor Morgan


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