Touch of Turtlenecks

img_7081Fashion watch: Turtlenecks are back in fashion! This multi-faceted article of clothing is not only styling under a cute dress, but it also keeps your neck warm and eliminates the need for a scarf!img_6846
Do you have any old turtlenecks hidden in a drawer? This is the year to pull them out and start rocking them under dresses, under a trench coat, or with a pair of high-waisted jeans. The wonderful thing about fashion is that there are different trends that cycle through over and over again over the course of many years.
We matched a black turtleneck with the beautiful marsala red. This color is all of the runway for the winter collection. This is a simple way to take an elaborate look from high fashion and pull it out of your closet, voila! Now you can rock the turtleneck trend. #touchofturtle
By: Emma Danzey
Photography: Natalie Carol Photography
Material belongs to Polished Conference, LLC
@copyright2016Refined Magazine

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