French Braid Twist


“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people.” (Luke 2:10)




The news that the angel brought to the shepherds that night was the greatest news we will ever receive; as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus singing “Joy to the World” we may have some serious socializing and parties to attend. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the familiarity of it; most of us carry the same traditions and hold fast to the same memories year in and year out. Why not spruce up our holiday cheer with a new way of wearing our hair? This style is simple, yet classic. As the season of Christmas shines brightly in our hearts, let’s try something new!

Three Step French Braid Twist:

Step One: Begin this style with two inverted French braids (Inverted braiding is just gathering the hair under each new strand instead of going over the strands when braiding.)



Step Two: Bring the bottom of each braid through the middle of the opposite braid. Pull the braid tightly through the strand, this is the “anchor” of your style.


***You should now have two braids hooked into each other and hanging loosely***


Step Three: Now with the hanging braids take one and go underneath, now have the banded part of the hair on the perimeter, take that through a lower loop of the braid and secure with a bobby pin. Take the opposite braid around the top part and do the same. Secure with bobby pins until it feels secure. (She had thick hair so I believe we used three on top and three underneath.)


Now you have an easy Christmas style! Styling the apex of your head is a personal preference you can either keep the braids tightly together or tug them gently apart (as seen in the picture) for a more relaxed look. Spray lightly with hairspray to prevent fly away hair.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Taylor Morgan

Photo credit: Nina Ortiz

Model: Avery Mullican



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