Back to the Basics

water-lily“You have to know the rules to break them”; my instructor in the hair classroom would repeat this to us until we could say it in our sleep. At the time none of us really knew what that repetitive saying truly meant until we were professionally licensed and working, but it is a lesson I will never forget.

The same is true for our daily skin and hair regimen. What we do on a daily basis for the health of our skin and our hair will have an overall lasting effect. Starting to take care of your skin and hair early on will set you up for good habits and healthier skin and hair down the road.

Everything that you do and what is going on the inside of your body will come out through your hair, skin, and nails. Living a healthy lifestyle helps your hair and skin to be healthy as well. It is important to know some rules about how to have and maintain healthy hair and skin, it isn’t just about the products you put on; it is about the things you do that make a difference.

  • Eat Healthy.

Yes, I know you are thinking blah, blah, blah, I have heard this a million times in health class and from my mom. Well they may not be too far off. Fruits and vegetables contain things our bodies need for clear skin including Vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants which promote clear skin and healthy hair.

Getting a good twenty to thirty minutes of exercise at least three days a week will improve your overall healthy tremendously! Plus, when you sweat it is one way your body gets rid of toxins, which could be playing a part in your acne problem. Find something you enjoy, get some good music or a friend and go for it! Remember, learning about the basics of hair and skin starts with good habits!

  • Let Your Skin Breathe.

Wash your face before bed every night. Yes girlfriend, every night.

It is important for your skin to be able to breathe, take off the makeup.

Wearing makeup throughout the night clogs your pores and has future effects such as wrinkles and lines. Taking the makeup off of your eyes will give your eyelashes a break too. Plus, the skin underneath your eyes is the thinnest part of skin on your face, so be gentle around your eyes when putting on or taking off makeup or serums.

Living in a state that is incredibly dry this is an absolute must. Colorado is rarely ever humid so I am constantly using lotion and lip balm for my poor skin. The same goes for you ladies living in states with humidity. Even though it is humid, your skin can become immune to it and need the moisture.

It is important to moisturize your face too. Even with oily skin; Excessive oily skin means that your body is trying to hydrate itself. Using a moisturizer will help cut down the excess oil and leave your skin feeling soft. It is also a great primer for your foundation!

  • Drink Water.

My boss scolds me for this all the time. When I am working I don’t get the water intake my body needs and it does affect my skin. Drinking water will help hydrate your skin and flush out toxins.

Knowing the basic facts and rules of skincare will help you maintain a healthy skin regimen throughout your life. Starting a routine will allow you to keep those habits in place day in and day out. Once the rules are in place this allows you to see what works best for your personal care. So as we look into the New Year start it out right with new healthy habits!

“The Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance Upon you and give you peace.” – Numbers 6:25-26


Taylor Morgan








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