New Look for a New Year

Everyone has a New Years resolution. What is yours? Well to be quite honest with you, I have not taken time to think about what mine will be. As I sit here and think on the matter, my desire is that I can strive to be a better Christian. I am entering my last semester of Cosmetology and that means I only have one more semester left with some of these girls. This is my last chance to share Christ with them. I do NOT want to waste this opportunity.

Maybe you are entering you last semester of high school or college. Will you take hold of the opportunity God has given you? Will you end strong or go to school everyday saying “I’m so ready to get out of here!” As a Christian you are the image of Christ people see; therefore, reflect Christ the way He is meant to be shown. Be positive and encouraging toward others. Leave a lasting impression, and make sure they see Jesus in you.


I mentioned that you should present yourself in a way that pleases Christ, but to do that you must have your eyes on Him. Eyes area powerful thing. They allow you to see hope, tragedy, strength, challenges, and many more things. Make sure in this new year that you keep your eyes on Jesus, and stay focused on the path He has laid out for you. When you do this people will notice a difference in you and will eventually ask “What are you looking at?” Then you can say, “I have my eyes on Jesus, and He NEVER leads me astray.”

Below is a make up tutorial for a simple eye shadow look. I just want to remind you ladies that eye shadow can really make a makeup look come to life. Make sure you wear colors that compliment you eye color. This chart is a great guide to show you what color family you want to stay in. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Have fun trying the eyeshadow. Remember, if the colors she uses are not your preference use colors that will compliment you.


By: Hannah Wheeler


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