Girls that Go to Battle

I can not believe that February is already here! By the way, Happy Valentines!

Like I said before, I am about to finish Cosmetology school and I am constantly having new people sit in my chair to do their hair. Well last week I had the sweetest older lady sit in my chair and we had a wonderful time. I did an all-over color on her hair and after I finished I realized I did not put on a pair of gloves when I washed her color out; therefore, my nails turned this nasty faded black color. It looked weird and gross. My teacher said, “You look like you’re a mechanic that’s been working on cars all day!” Well at the time it did not bother to bad, but after a few days I wanted my nails to look normal again. I tried painting them but they still did not look great. I learned my lesson, and I decided I would be more disciplined to wear the proper protection next time.

You are probably thinking, what in the world does all this mean. Well the Bible says…

“He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing of the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.” Psalm 24:4-5

It is important to gird yourself with the gospel every single day! It is your protective gear and without it the world will attack and tempt you. We all make mistakes and fall into temptation, and every time we do, it leaves a stain or scar on our life. Allow those mistakes to teach you, and when you fall take that time to learn where you should step next time so you won’t fall again. The stains on my nails went away eventually and when you allow The Lord to be the ruler of your life you will begin to see the stains on your life fade away. The blood of Jesus in the only cleanser that can truly make you clean. It has the power to take out any stain and make anything look brand new. Another GREAT thing about it, is that it is FREE!! Stop trying to hide your sin and stop thinking that you are to good for protective gear. Allow God to embrace you everyday and live life boldly knowing that your armor of God is on tightly! If you strive to live a clean life you will reap blessing from the Lord.

Well I don’t know about you ladies but I try to keep my nails looking clean and healthy, no matter how stained they are! Below is a popular winter polish color from Sally Hansen called “Leaf Peeper”! It is beautiful on all skin shades and would compliment a variety of outfits. Also, I thought it had a little bit of a Valentines flair! If you decide to try the new shade, tag me on Instagram @hewheelerhair !

By: Hannah Wheeler


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