Blessings Big & Small

Cleavage. Like it or not it’s in our face. You don’t have to look far: magazines, instagram, television, snapchat… mercy! Anywhere there is a group of women, there is a wide variety of cleavage. And it comes in all shapes and sizes. My well-endowed friend says this is quite a “blessing.” Whether your “blessing” is big or small, we are indeed beautiful women shaped by God.

As we get dressed each day, here are some things to think about to help us enhance our beauty and use our gift wisely.


1: Exposed cleavage is distracting. A friend of mine went in for a parent conference and although she has large breasts herself, she could not focus on the teacher’s words because the teacher’s “blessing” was falling out of her low cut shirt.

Maybe you thought this was just a distraction for men, but it clearly is a distraction for women as well. Ask yourself, what do you want people to focus on when they talk to you? If you want people to listen to you it is wise to help them put their eyes on your wise and to focus on the words you say.

2: The “girls” can be temptations. I always thought that only guys my age were tempted if I showed off my “girls.” Then I learned that men of all ages can be looking at you in lustful ways. Check out Hollywood, how many stars are in the limelight because they married women 30 years younger.

It is easy to only think about the cute guy we want to impress in that hot dress, but what about the men around us? What about our friend’s dad, the chaperones for the dance and the principal? Ew! I know, it is gross to think about, but it is also the truth. When we are shopping are we considering those around us who will be viewing the outfit? The Bible tells us in Romans 14:13 not to be a temptation to others. It’s true it is their choice to look, but let’s not make it easy.

3: Respect is our goal: Studies show that some women are emotionally and physically disrespected. We as women strive for equality and respect. When we get dressed we may unknowingly place unwanted labels upon ourselves. We have an opportunity to clothe ourselves in honor. The coverage that we have will not only help prevent distraction and temptation, but it will aid in our hopes for respect.

Dressing modestly is not always easy when you’re in a store with clothes that look like they were made for a toddler and their wasn’t enough fabric to complete the shirt. But, making the effort to choose appropriate clothing will be worth it. We will attract men that respect us, show off our confidence and intelligence instead of our flesh and stand out for Christ. We should not judge others based on what they wear. We can begin to take the attention off of ourselves and direct it to the Lord. He has made us so uniquely and we are the final creation. What a privilege it is to be a woman.

Here are some quick fashion fixes for low cut tops and dresses.

1. Scarves: Tying a simple scarf around your neck will add a personal touch of fashion and also cover up any unwanted cleavage.


2. Cami’s: This is one of my go-to options to place under a lower cut top. The best part is that they come in all colors!


3. Sweaters: When it is cooler outside, an easy fix for our “blessings” is simply putting on a cute sweater. Bam! You are ready for the day.


By: Emma Danzey

Founder, Polished Conference Ministries

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