February Frenchie

February is upon us with all of its frosty glory! February is most often times like a well kept secret of spring, whispering sweet lullabies of what is to come. So as we wait for the burst of springtime sun, let’s not forget we can always try something new in the in between of spring! So whether you just need some inspiration or have big plans for this month here is a fun down-style that is easy and quick!

  1. Start this inverted French braid by sectioning off the front section of the hair and parting the hair straight back on both sides of your head starting at the ends of your eyebrows. About an inch back from the forehead.
  2. Taking small sections work with hair powder and a comb. In each section dust a little powder unto the scalp. After rubbing the powder into the section, backcomb the section.blog post pictures 022.JPG**All of your sections from front to back should be able to lift on their own.**
  3. Using an inverted French Braid (taking each section underneath, not over) start from the front and work until you reach the back top of the head. Secure the ends in an elastic bandblog post pictures 030.JPG
  4. You should now have a Mohawk braid! Tug on the braid loosely to make it fuller. You can either make this really sleek and wear your hair straight or give it a softer touch and do curls!blog post pictures 033.JPG

Have fun with your style during the winter months, but remember your beauty will ultimately come from what is within!

“Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but the woman who fears the Lord is to be praised!” Proverbs 31:30

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/sOBi7pVOjWE

Taylor Morgan



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