A prayer from one mom to another ~

A prayer from one mom to another ~

You were chosen by God to have incredible influence in your daughter’s life. You, sister in Jesus, are fearfully and wonderfully made. Just as God has fearfully and wonderfully made your daughter, He first made you. From one mom to another please be encouraged that what you do matters greatly, it is life giving and the rewards will far outweigh the sacrifice. For this reason, I lift you up in prayer.

I pray for you to have the wisdom to know how to respond to every day decisions and questions. I pray you are strong and courageous when you need to be. When mercy and tenderness is the best way to your daughter’s heart, I pray you remember the mercy and tenderness of our Lord. I pray that in a culture seeking to feed your daughter lies, you stand firm in the truth. May you open God’s Word every day to keep your mind from conforming to the patterns of the world and instead be constantly renewed and powerfully transformed by His truth.

May the Lord give you strength to be mom when it’s tempting to be friend. Remember God is faithful to give you wisdom for any circumstance, challenge or question that comes your way, so ask and believe His wisdom is best even when (especially when) it’s different from yours.

Know this mom…God delights in you!   I pray you see the depth and width of God’s love for you and pour that same love into your daughter in a way that makes her want more of Jesus. May our Father give you biblical perspective so that you can respond to the daily needs and demands moms face. When being a mom gets weary, go to Jesus so He can give you rest. May you be surrounded with friends who are for you and your family regardless of whether your season of life is filled with reasons to rejoice or trials and sorrows. What a gift for your daughter to see a picture of true friendship through you and your friends so that she won’t settle for less in her own life.

I pray you parent out of faith not fear. The truth you are training your daughter up in will take root in its proper time. Don’t lose heart and don’t give up. Parenting out of fear will only push her further away and give her reason to wonder if you really believe in the God you speak of. Parenting out of faith demonstrates your trust in God who promises His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in your weakness. Remember our loving Savior is for you and He is interceding for you as you awake each morning to face the day with all its joys, challenges, trials, and tears.

When you feel like you failed, take a breath, say a prayer and know His mercy is new every morning. As long as it’s today you can begin with a fresh start. God loves to restore and reconcile.  When your daughter is slamming doors or talking back, chances are it’s not you she’s really mad at but you are the one who can love her best even at her worst. May God give you insight to see beyond the behavior into the heart and parent accordingly.

Your daughter will have many people who influence her life and many friends to share secrets with, but she will only have one mom, and that’s you. God knew you’d be perfect for the job. Not because you’re perfect, but because He’s perfect. Trust Him, His plan is good.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen

Kelly Vance



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