Florals Are Back!

Hello Fashionistas,

I feel like shouting from the rooftop, “welcome spring!” Between the warm weather, vibrant colors, and sundresses, I am about to be one happy girl. This month I want to share the exciting news that florals are back in season! Whether you wear them on a dress, shirt, pants, or rompers, flowers are going to be everywhere Spring 2017.

Maybe you have never worn florals before because you consider the style girly? Consider trying out simpler patterns and darker base colors to create a toned down look that will not appear to be over-the-top girly girl.


If you love embracing your femininity, than I suggest lighter base colors with bright and rich shaded flowers. This draws out the florals more obviously and makes a great girly look.


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Polished Conference Ministries

All Photo Credit: @copyright2017NatalieCarolPhotography All Rights Reserved.



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