Dry Shampoo

Product Knowledge: Dry Shampoo


Life is always on the go; we are running from place to place. Living such hectic schedules most of us love when we come across products that make our lives simpler. One of my favorite on-the-go products is dry shampoo! It is a great product to use for refreshing day old hair!

How It Works:

The main ingredients in dry shampoo are starch or alcohol; which soak up the excess oils in the hair leaving it looking fresh. Most dry shampoos have a pleasant scent to them so that the hair strands smell clean.

How To Use Dry Shampoo:

Take the hair in sections and spray at the scalp. I personally like to spray my bang area, down the middle of my head and on the sides. After spraying your sections take a brush and brush through your hair. This will help evenly distribute the shampoo. If you are going to use a flat iron or a curling iron, I would recommend spraying the dry shampoo before styling!

(Pro Tip: When curling clean hair spray some dry shampoo in your hair before styling, this will help the curl hold longer)

Dry shampoo is a great alternative to shampooing your hair everyday; our hair needs the natural oils it produces to keep it healthy and shiny, shampooing everyday strips your hair of those essential oils.

So as you are on-the-go everyday this product keeps your hair healthy while also helping you maintain clean beautiful hair!

P.S. I will occasionally be blogging on product knowledge so if you have a product you want to know more about e-mail me! tmorgan0392@gmail.com

By: Taylor Mullican



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