5-Strand Side Braid

Have you ever wanted to mix up your braiding style? Look no further, I have the best solution!

Last weekend I was fixing my hair and discovered a quick and stunning hairstyle. I have yet to learn how to french braid, but I know how to take the top of my hair and create a normal braid. I ended up making what I call a 5-Strand Side Braid.

Step 1: Braid the top of your hair and braid down creating 1/3 of your hair into a braided strand. Ponytail the end.

Step 2: The braided strand now becomes one of the three strand for your side braid. Now do a side braid and once you get to the end of your hair, take out the ponytail that you had for the first braid and use the ponytail for your final braid.

Boom! 1 -2! You have a 5-Strand Side Braid 😀


Emma Danzey





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