Super Simple Spring Smoothie


It’s coming, ladies. Bathing suit season. No worries! Unless, of course, you’re not prepared.

And just what’s that got to do with smoothies? I’m getting there. But first, consider this…

Ever gone to the grocery store when you were hurried and hungry?

First of all, shopping in a flash (and without a list) sets you up for impulse purchases. Or, worse, you get everything but what you really needed, distracted by end-aisle s specials. Who really needs ‘Buy two, Get three free’ cake mixes or cans of pumpkin?

Second, if you’re not rushed (yay) but hungry (uh oh), you’re vulnerable to purchase unhealthy items.


Time to arm yourself. And that brings me back to the bathing suit.

In less than a minute, and with a little creativity, you can whip up a healthful, low fat, high protein smoothie.

Benefits of an average 14-16 ounce smoothie:

~Provides water

~Vitamin C, D


~Calcium, iron

~Virtually fat-free

~Volume leaves you feeling full and satisfied

~If desired, you could add a protein powder to up the quantity of this nutrient.



In the spring at my house, the smoothie blender is set on the kitchen counter and serves as a visual prompt when hunger strikes. But that’s not enough — otherwise, that contraption will end up in the yard sale of good intentions. I’m pro-active in assuring that a few key ingredients are available during smoothie season.

This smoothie was created, trial and error, by my youngest daughter, Caroline. She needed a nourishing, mini-meal before ballet, without waiting for Mom to produce a well-rounded meal for her.

Of course, no smoothie of hers is complete without being sipped through a super cool, neon straw. What color would you choose?

As with any smoothie, this one leaves room for substitution wherever desired. Have fun and create your own, even giving yours a unique name.

Fruity Patooty Almond Milk Smoothie


1 cup fresh berries (strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries, ripe mango), cut into blendable chunks.

1 5-6 oz. container Greek yogurt, either flavored or plain*

1/2 – 3/4 cup unsweetened or regular vanilla almond milk**

Blend and sip away!

Helpful Hint:

Combine all ingredients the evening before and refrigerate in capped, blender jar overnight. Blend when ready the following day!

*I suggest either Dannon, Light and Fit (low cal with fructose and artificial sugar, no fat, 12 grams protein) or Dannon, Oikos Triple Zero (no fat or added sugars, plant-based sugar substitute, 15 grams protein)

** Quantity depends on desired thickness.

Contact info:
Mary Albers Felkins, author of inspirational romance, creator of happily ever afters
FB Mary Albers Felkins
Twitter @MaryAFelkins

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