Top 9 Tips to Stay Organized This Spring!

1. Get a planner!                                        

• Obviously this would be a good first step to getting organized. Your planner will serve as a place to collect ideas and events going on in your life, no matter how small or how big.

2. Write in your planner!                                          

• Writing in your planner is a critical second step: you can’t be organized without actually doing some organizing. Find creative ways to log in your planner; whether you use it as a bullet journal type planner or a daily to do list (or both) learning to write in your planner will serve you well in getting organized!

3. Stay organized day-by-day and month-by-month                                          

• I have had great success in organizing a school “to-do” planner on a day-by-day system, but recently I’ve found that sometimes scheduling family events during the summer and such can be easier on a month-to-month schedule. Recently, I’ve had to lay out my exams schedule at the beginning of May (yikes!). But finding a fun calendar helping me not feeling too overwhelmed!


4. Pencil in dates you are unsure of… or use washi tape to make your schedule even more flexible!         

 • I always pencil in swim lessons, tests, and other events that are subject to change. This method creates a less messy space if you do have to mark out something, instead you can just erase it! Also using washi tape for school calendars or other flexible calendars is a great idea, plus it’s super cute!

5. Schedule time for family, friends, and yourself                                                 

• Literally just writing “family,” “friends,” or “me time” is an O.K. thing to do. This time slot gives you an idea of when you have free time for others or just down time for yourself. This idea is also great to schedule your quiet time or bible study time which will hopefully become a habit in your otherwise hectic schedule!

6. Plan ahead   

• I am a planner. Anyone who knows me can tell you that. So I relish in planning ahead. However this is not everyone’s style. Even though you may not like it, planning ahead can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. Planning time with people you care about ahead of time helps you from becoming overbooked or simply overwhelmed with your hectic schedule. It can even help serve as a perfect excuse to say “no” to something that really doesn’t fit into your schedule.

time-273857_19207. Color code your activities    

• Now the fun part! Really get into enjoying your planner, making a happy place that you enjoy going to throughout your day! I color code each of my classes and assignments, leaving extra colors out for church and other activities. You can use markers, color pencils, pens, or whatever you prefer!

8. Make your planner fun

• Like I said: MAKE IT FUN! If you want to use this planner everyday, make it fun and creative and YOU. Add pics of your day or decorate special days with stickers. Recently, I’ve added “high’s” and “lo’s” of my days at the bottom of my bullet journal as well as “what I am grateful for today”. These concepts help me reflect on my day and ultimately end it with two positives and one negative. (You can also post your “gratefuls” on Facebook or other social media to encourage your friends, and even say that you are thankful for them by name”

9. Use your resources to get creative ideas   

• Don’t stop you organizing here! Feel free to literally google or Pinterest “creative” or “cute calendar ideas”. There are plenty of them out there! And send us your results, we’d love to see them and display them on the blog!

Happy Organizing!
Sarah Jeanne✝❁


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