Don’t Let Regret Flood your Heart – God’s Timing is Perfect

I couldn’t help but notice tears falling steadily down the beautiful face of the woman sitting next to me. Here we are in a room full of hundreds of moms attentively taking in every word of a Christ loving speaker teaching us all the practical life transforming ways she trains up her children in the Lord.

We learned the importance of seizing every opportunity to bring God into daily conversations and challenges. We were encouraged to pray for our children in every stage of life, from salvation to future spouses. It was gripping, it was encouraging and it was true. So many ways to train up our children in the way they should go. By seizing the moments to pray for and teach our children we are leaving them a Christian legacy that continues long after we’re gone. Praying for and teaching our children about Jesus is good, right and true.

My eyes and heart went out to her as she sat listening, pondering, thinking. After the teaching was over I looked, our eyes met, and I asked her if she was okay. She looked at me with wells of tears and shared how deeply she wished she had the time back so she could teach and pray over her children like we learned. She didn’t do those things and now her kids are grown. With tears running down her face, she felt it was too late. My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears as I saw shame and regret seek to take residency in her precious heart.

No! This was not the word this mom who loves her children would leave with today. I looked at her, and I told her what I want to tell you too. It is not too late! Even if our children are no longer living in our homes and we can’t physically pray over them as they lay tucked in their bed, we can pull out a picture and lay our hands on it and pray. We can begin today to pray for our children and seize the moment to shine the truth of who God is in the messy circumstances of teenagers and young adults. Know this sister, our faithful God will delight to move mountains to answer!

The enemy loves to pile on mom guilt. Don’t you let him! As our kids get older and our roles as moms begin to change, we find ourselves in a messy transition accompanied with a new sense of reality that while days seem long, years are short and they go by so quick. Our insecurities partner with the father of lies to whisper in our hearts all the things we could of done, would have done or should have done. It’s painful, it’s cruel and it’s not true. God is faithful. He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust. (Psalm 103:14) Where we’ve fallen short, we ask for forgiveness and receive cleansing with fresh hope. Where we’ve done the best we could with what we know, we can rest assured, God’s grace is more than sufficient to fill every gap.


God honors our prayers and because He’s not limited to time and space, He is even aware of the prayers we wish we would have prayed had we known. So we pray today, we encourage today, we live in today. God will redeem the time. He hears our prayers and He’s not finished, so don’t be discouraged. Your child’s journey with God is not solely your responsibility.   While we are influential, we are not that powerful. Where we are weak, Christ is strong. Hold up your shield of faith against the fiery arrows of shame, regret and guilt. Mercy is new every day and our God is faithful. Ask Him now how to pray for and reveal His truth to your children. It’s never too late.

By: Kelly Vance


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