Shaving Just Got Easier

If you are anything like me, you dread the time when it comes to shave in the shower. It is a lengthy and annoying process. The worst part of all is not shaving your legs, but the poor results. I shave so precisely, in yet still have unwanted hair and stubble.

This week I tried a new experiment. I went to the store and put my foot down… I bought a men’s razor BIC Flex 5. Here I am on week one of the new discovery and I am happy to announce that there is hope for sleek skin! My armpits are clearer than ever and my legs are significantly softer!



  1. Sharper: I have done some research and it is easier to cut yourself with a men’s razor because of the sharpness of the blade, however I feel it is worth the risk. It is never good to shave in a hurry, so this just makes me more cautious.
  2. More Flexible: The other wonderful part about these razors is that they can maneuver much easier around difficult areas. Normally, ankles are hard for me, but not anymore…
  3. Cheaper: The fact is that women’s razors are more expensive. It is unfair and the marketers do their best to keep women paying the extra bucks. Not only will getting a man’s razor work more efficiently, it will save you $$$.


Spiritual Application: Life is a lot like selecting a good razor. We can try to remove our flaws and our imperfections on our own, or we can trade in costly sorrows for the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. He is the solution we are all looking for. He is the one who removes every sin and makes us whiter than snow. When we trade in our exhausting efforts and embrace His free gift of grace, our lives will be forever changed.

By: Emma Danzey


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