Actions Over Words

I was a nervous 20 year old preparing to step out on the stage and share my first original songs live in front of a crowd, I remember looking out into the audience and seeing my best friends from college on the front row who drove 3 1/2 hours to support me.

In Daniel 3, the scriptures talk about King Nebuchadnezzar who demanded Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to bow before his false gods. These brave men not only declared that God was the only one worthy of worship, they remained standing and acted on their faith. They could have chickened out when the king threatened to throw them into a fiery furnace, but their actions spoke loudly as they were willing to perish for their one true God. It ended up that there were four men inside of the furnace. (The fourth was God Himself standing with them in the fire) And miraculously, not one of them had a single burn. Their faith was tested and proved true, the king even proclaimed the Lord as the only God.

In American History, white people in the south during the civil war said that they cared about the African Americans, yet still kept slaves and did not do anything about the injustice. During these times in 1856, Abraham Lincoln said, “Actions speak louder than words.” I have been reflecting on this statement a lot lately. Someone can tell you they love you, but it means so much more when that person shows you.

God didn’t just say that He loved us, He sent Jesus as the manifestation of His love. (1 Timothy 3:16) He didn’t just tell the world He would save them; He died on the cross and rose! This was an action that spoke louder than words. (John 3:16-17) In fact, His decisions still have a ripple effect on generation to generation! Jesus’ words may have been few during His crucifixion, but His acts sent the loudest message of redemption.

Now don’t get me wrong, words are important too, we should use what we say to encourage and inspire others. What we say impacts the world, but how much more does it mean when we get to show others the love of Jesus? Our efforts do not go unnoticed when we sacrifice our time and energies.

How can you be there for others today? How can you choose to act on love?

By: Emma Danzey



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