Farmhouse Dreams

I gazed out the window of our mini van and tried to follow the rows of corn passing quickly by and out of sight. It was beautiful. I very often played this game when we would go on road trips. The row chasing game. I loved road trips because we usually had to drive through what I called “the middle of no-where” where the land almost looked untouched. As a young girl, I remember day-dreaming of building a house in the middle of a field and imagining I lived in it, with a screen door off the porch and lots of trees to shade the house in the summer.

I also longed to be a wife and a mom. I would tell people when they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up that I wanted to be a mommy.

While the dream of having a house in the middle of a field faded, the dream of being a wife and mom never left, becoming an obsession in my high school and college years. But God didn’t seem to be lining up this dream in any way, shape, or form. I was single for 23 years and it just didn’t make sense to me. I kept placing my hope in different young men I thought would make a good boyfriend/someday maybe husband and kept getting my heart broken when it didn’t work out.

Then, the fall after I graduated college and moved to Utah, I finally gave it up. I released my tight grip on what I wanted and thought I needed, and told God that I was going to actually trust Him with this dream. Wholeheartedly. A friend reminded me that God loves to give His children good gifts, what Father would give his child a stone when he asks for bread? (Matt. 7:9) So I finally set my hope on Him and started to rest and pray for His timing.

Then it happened. One of my new friends in Utah said she and her husband wanted to set me up with Marc. A farmer in Kansas. I laughed it off because, well, he was in Kansas and I was in Utah… long distance sounded distasteful to me and I wasn’t so sure about moving to Kansas either. It was never going to work.

But to spare you the details, we met later that year and after a little bit of a rocky start, (I was very sassy about being set up) we hit it off and couldn’t stop talking.

The long distance that I was so dreading was such a blessing. God really used it to force us to dig deep and be vulnerable with each other. Marc and I even started a weekly Facetime date where we would study the Bible together. I prayed every day for Marc since the day we met, and I found out later he was doing the same.

It was only after Marc and I got engaged that I started thinking about the details of what it would mean for me to move out to Kansas so he could continue to farm and ranch. The prospects of moving to the middle of no-where thrilled me, and the dreams of my childhood suddenly flooded back.

This is what I had always wanted but never thought to ask for because I didn’t think it was possible.

A farmer’s wife, living in Kansas, after dating long-distance? God certainly had a plan for my love story and it was better than I ever could have planned myself. The seamless way He wove childhood dreams with longstanding adult dreams still baffles my mind! Isn’t it funny how God works? He listens to our desires and wants and (if they’re healthy for us) gives us more than we could ever ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20)! What a good, good Father we have!

So that is how a little girl with crazy dreams, became a crazy lady whose dreams came true.

Whatever your dreams are, tell them to our Daddy. He longs to hear from you! Don’t make the same mistake I did and think something is too big or too out-of-the-ordinary to happen. God can do anything! While you ask for the things you desire, I would also encourage that you dig into your Bibles and spend time listening for God to speak as well. The more we delight ourselves in the Lord and seek Him, the more our desires become more in-line with His plan.


Since this is my first time writing for Polished (yay!), I figured I’d leave a small introduction at the end. My name is Brianna Molitor but most everyone calls me Bri. I am a freelance photographer and designer (I design Polished’s Refined magazine!) and I work part-time at First Christian Church as their designer/publications specialist. I live in a lovely little home I call the “Farmhouse” on a farm in Southwest Kansas. I’m married to a wonderful, hardworking, and handsome farmer and rancher, and we have the cuddliest 100 lb Lab, Husky mix. We like to eat breakfast for dinner, go on run-walks (I’m NOT athletic), and adventure to new places.

I’m so excited to join Polished’s writing team and can’t wait to share more of my heart and lessons I’m learning living on a farm!

By: Brianna Molitor


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