Ways the WORLD is Robbing You of Who You Are!

Where are you tempted to find your worth?

Our girls are facing identity crises every day whether in the halls of school, with their friends, the books they read or the latest social media blasts. Kids today are not just trying to figure out who they are; they are being challenged to figure out what they are. The cultural trends are continuing to aimlessly grasp for ways to find value and worth outside the only place we can truly find it…in Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately moms, even mature Christian moms, are also struggling to be grounded and secure in who they are. Traps are strategically set for us to so easily slip into. Traps that rob us slowly until before we know it, we find ourselves floundering in our beliefs and our identity misplaced.   We can’t convince our daughters who they are if we are struggling to believe it ourselves.

We are all prone to wander and the temptations are many, so let’s look at some ways the WORLD leads us astray robbing us of our identity:

laundry-413688_1920Works – We cannot find our value in what we do. Jesus saved us by grace, not works, and while what we do is valuable, it cannot be where we find our worth. When we do,striving becomes our means to greater purpose and we forfeit grace.


Others – If you are a people pleaser, this one will lead you to heartache every time. Others come and go in our lives and no matter how awesome others are they fail us. When we put our identity in what others think of us we will find ourselves seeking to please those who don’t love us, not those who do.

family-521551_1920Roles – We as moms have some pretty influential roles in our lives, don’t we? We are wives, moms, friends, daughters and co-workers. We can too often find our identity in the roles we play and when those roles change or are no longer, we lose who we are and feel lost. If you are finding your identity in being a mom, for example, when your children rebel, leave for college, or get married you tend to feel worth less or lost.


Looks – As much as we know in our minds that our identity is not in our looks, we often times only feel as good as we look. When we put on a little weight or see a few wrinkles, we find ourselves wavering in confidence. Scripture tells us beauty is fleeting, yet we so easily rest our identity in it.


Decisions – We are not identified by the worst or best decisions we’ve made or haven’t made. Don’t allow past decisions to define you, holding you back from living a full life in Christ. There is no decision you have made that the grace of Jesus will not cover. If you have put your faith in Him, you are accepted and precious in His sight. Don’t let those decisions define you, Jesus already has.

Notice that all the world offers for us to find our worth and value in is ever changing. There is not one thing this world will throw at us that will remain. Yet, Jesus, the only One who truly determines who we are never changes. When we put our faith in Jesus and His finished work on the cross we can know and remember who we are. We are:

  • Chosen
  • Redeemed
  • Forgiven
  • Loved
  • Secure
  • Righteous
  • Victorious

Ybright-1866986_1920ou are the apple of His eye and He delights over you. He has given you every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms, and that is more than we could ever imagine.   Nothing will ever separate you from the love found in Christ Jesus or change who you are in His eyes. Ground yourself in who Jesus says you are so that the world will no longer rob you of your secure position in Him.

Let your daughter see a mom who is grounded, radiant and assured of her identity in Christ and prayerfully become more assured of who she is as well.


By: Kelly Vance



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