What Trial Are You Facing Today?

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds ~ James 1:2

What trial are you facing right now? What is that one thing in your life that tests you, stretches you, pushes your buttons, and makes you wonder if God sees or cares.

For some of us, it’s a big storm that comes out of nowhere. A storm that completely changes or seriously challenges the course you were on. Dreams shattered, hopes dashed. Maybe it’s a medical storm, a relational storm, or a death storm.

For some of us the trial we face is daily sinful habits of others around us or in us that keep nagging like a buzzing mosquito. You even resist the temptation to complain about it, but if you were brutally honest, it is zapping you day by day, conversation by conversation, sucking your soul dry with each encounter.

Because of the unexpectancy and power of trials by storm, they often leave us devastated and surrendered. We sit in our ruins with our hands up pleading for God. He promises to be near the broken hearted, and while these trials feel overwhelming, just like the catastrophes in our world; people surround us, uphold us and walk with us. We sense God’s presence, peace and comfort somehow in the midst. Yes, it’s horrific, yes, it’s painful but often times we grow in our faith and we grow closer to Christ knowing more of Him in our lives.

But it’s those daily grind trials buzzing like a relentless mosquito seeking to suck a little blood, slowly working their way into your soul leaving you parched, sapped and hopeless. They rarely make their way on Facebook, or even to your bible study group because we tell ourselves we should be strong enough to handle it, after all, we are IN Christ. When you do take a risk and share these nagging irritants with a friend, she unintentionally minimizes it with a noble way to respond; as if you haven’t already tried many times over.


Our big storms demand action but those little naggers are the ones we think we can handle on our own until we find ourselves becoming someone we don’t even like. It’s the handling on our own that lures us away step by step, moment by moment, day by day from the power we need in all trials as we abide in Christ.

Regardless of the trial you face today, God promises no matter how big or small, it will mature and complete you. Even those little nagging irritants that leave you frustrated deep within because you doubt it will ever change. They, too, are meant to mature us and complete us. While every trial we face is not because of us or even all about us, you can be sure that God has allowed it into your life for the purpose of perfecting you and your faith.

Instead of continuing to handle the matter on your own or pushing it off as not that big of a deal while it saps your soul of life, will you take it to God? Will you gather up all you’ve been handling on your own, lay it down at His feet and humbly ask Him two questions?

  1. What guidance can you give me so I can have victorious perseverance even if things don’t change?
  2. Jesus, how can I become more like you through this?

Gaining perspective in our trials and fixing our eyes on Jesus helps our trials to become powerful testimonies. Don’t be deceived into thinking that only the big storm trials of life our worthy of testimony. The victory of overcoming the daily grind trials and sinful patterns of those around us is every bit as powerful a witness of Christ in your life.

By: Kelly Vance



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