Summertime Victory

Summertime is upon us, along with it comes a little bit of vintage inspiration! As we wade into the warmer weather, I love a cute and easy pin-up style!


This style starts with a high pony tail. Gather your hair up into a pony and leave a small to medium section of hair in the front out. It is easiest to leave the section out that is closest to the front of your natural part.


Backcomb the section you left out; sometimes it is easier to do this part first. You will backcomb the entire section of hair, from the bottom to the top. Next you will slowly roll the hair, smooth out the top of the hair; gently run the comb over the very top of the backcombed section to make it smooth.

TIP: Roll the ends of your hair around your finger to begin, get a good grip to keep the roll in place. (These rolls are called Victory Rolls J)

2.pngWhen you have finished your Victory roll put a cute scarf around your head and tie a knot at the top, let the ends hang loose around your face.

The ponytail is set in place by two bobby pins on each side of her head, it is an illusion of volume and curls!


Here is one picture in color! We did use her natural curl, but you can choose to do this style curly or straight! Have fun in the sun and rock that vintage vibe!

Taylor Morgan


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