Women are like Hamsters

If I were to ask a group of people what is beauty, I believe there would be a wide variety of answers.

The world’s definition of beauty according to Webster’s dictionary is “the quality… in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses.” Also, “particularly graceful, ornamental, or excellent quality.” https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/beauty

Physical beauty is fleeting in the world’s eyes. This is why we typically don’t see many romance movies with 70-year-old leading actors and actresses. This explains why older women may use anti-aging products or have surgeries to enhance or eliminate parts of themselves. Now, I want to be clear I am not in judgment of people who do this, but I do want to recognize a very real pressure from society. There are standards out there that are simply unreachable and unrealistic.

I feel like the attempt to reach “Hollywood” sized standards is like a hamster running on a wheel. She can run harder and longer, eventually exhausting herself, but the hamster is still in the same place she was before.


adult-1868049_1920Ponder this… according to the media, last season pencil thin and tall was in, this season curvy girls are coming back. We as women are riding an emotional roller coaster of inconsistent definitions of beauty. Let’s be honest, not everyone is going to be tall and thin and not everyone is going to be curvy. God made us all different… on PURPOSE! 🙂

My challenge is for us to begin looking at the Bible’s definition of beauty. Below are some examples of beauty.

  • God our King (Isaiah 33:17, Psalm 27:4, Isaiah 28:5)
  • Creation (Genesis 1:31)
  • People in Scripture (i.e. Vashti – Esther 1:11, Rachel – Genesis 29:17, The Bride – Song of Solomon 4:11, Abigail – 2 Samuel 25:3, Tamar – 2 Samuel 13:1, Psalm 139:14)
  • Fear of the Lord (Proverbs 31:30)
  • Those who share the Gospel Romans 10:15, Isaiah 52:17)

Next time you want to tweak things about yourself to fit into a certain mold of perfection you have set in your mind, I encourage you dear sister to think about how beautiful God has made you and reflect on true beauty that is never fleeting.

May we focus on growing in the fruit of the Spirit and adorning ourselves with love rather than chasing after the fickle definitions of beauty this world offers. May we wear modest outfits that give us confidence, experiment with make up colors and have fun with hairstyles, while speaking positivity over ourselves.

I pray that we look in the mirror and see more than our faces, but see ourselves through the eyes of God; as wholly completed in Christ, designed by the Master Creator and being satisfied in our hearts from the inside out.

In Christ,

Emma Danzey


BB Cream

Mid-summer is upon us, which is a time that I love! It calls for sunny days and cotton dresses! One of my favorite things about summer is the fact that my skin can breathe a bit more without so much makeup. I love my skin feeling light and airy; one of my favorite products to use if I just need a little coverage on my skin is BB Cream. It is so light and provides several benefits for your skin.

What is BB Cream?

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm, depending on the company. It is a tinted moisturizer that provides coverage, moisture and SPF protection. In some cases it can have anti-aging properties as well.

Why Use BB Cream instead of a foundation?

BB Cream is just a lighter option than foundation. Providing minimal coverage for those looking just to add a little brightness or smoothness to their skin. Unlike a powder BB Cream does not leave an unwanted residue if you were to touch your skin.


Spread the BB Cream all over your face until blended in. It is a liquid product so I get the best results if I use my fingers to blend. You could also use a Beauty Blender sponge as well! If extra coverage is needed put a powder foundation over the BB Cream; it will act as a primer to the powder.

My Favorites:

Here are my top three favorite brands. These vary in price range and the process of finding the perfect tone for your skin is the same as a powder. The best place to match your skin tone is on the jaw line, but also never be afraid to ask a beauty consultant to help match skin tone. They are trained in the product and have extensive knowledge.

My Favorites:

Maybelline BB Cream ®

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue: Tinted Moisturizer Hydrating Gel Cream ®

Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream®

Have fun in the sun while staying light and fresh with this amazing product!

Info from marieclaire.com®

By: Taylor Mullican

Enlightened: The (Final Summer) Scoop on a Healthful Ice Cream Product

Throughout my college years, I’d often make a run to the grocery store with my study buddy for a pint of ice cream. Never mind that we’d been studying for a nutrition exam :(One one occasion, would you believe the silly girl asked, “Are you going to save the rest for later?”
Ha. With a shake of my head, I plucked off the lid and got to scooping until I’d hit the bottom. After the fact, I took a peek at the label. Shock! Horrors! I’d consumed 720 and 36 grams of fat later. If you ask me, a key ingredient was missing on the label: GUILT. And, seriously, who could focus on their studies after that? But what other palatable, pint-sized alternative did I have in the early 80’s? Nada.
To finish up the summer of 2017, this month’s ice cream feature is called Enlightened. https://www.eatenlightened.com/pages/about-us-1. Their tag line is “the good-for-you ice cream”. The owner, Michael Shoretz, runs Enlightened through his Beyond Better Foods, L.L.C. Initially, he set out to create a healthful alternative to people’s favorite and familiar ice cream bars. In 2013, his company manufactured several Enlightened varieties that have found their way to retail grocery stores. With an admirable nutrition profile of high protein, low fat and sugar, the bars performed well, so the company decided to manufacture pints of ice cream. Yay!
With anywhere from a mere 60 to 100 calories/serving (1/2 cup) and 21 pretty awesome flavors to choose from (https://www.eatenlightened.com/collections/ice-cream-pints), the entire pint (2 cups) can be consumed in its entirety without the guilt. I don’t know about you, but thinking back to my college years, this makes me sMiLe 🙂
Enlightened believes that all of their ice cream bars, pints, and snacks should make you feel as good as they taste. “The ice cream isn’t just “better”, it’s actually good for you.” https://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/05/business/smallbusiness/ice-cream-as-health-food-this-bar-comes-close.html
Enlightened has simply taken familiar favorites and, well, “enlightened” them, with significantly less fat and sugar, while also enriching with fiber and almost twice the protein.
But hold up a minute. How can something with such an impressive nutrition profile be palatable? Would a girl be better off eating unflavored, shaved ice? Is this some kind of joke? Boasting over $14 million in consumer sales in 2014, clearly Enlightened hasn’t sacrificed taste in its effort to up the nutritional value.
Where to find a precious pint?
The company is making a push to get Enlightened into all the regional grocery store chains. You’ll need to search the web to find if a local retailer carries any of the products. If so, keep at least a $5 on hand because, like its competitors, (Halo Top, June, https://polishedconferenceministries.wordpress.com/2017/06/02/the-scoop-on-healthful-ice-cream/ and Arctic Zero, July, https://polishedconferenceministries.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/the-scoop-on-healthful-ice-cream-part-2-of-3/), this delicious indulgence ain’t cheap either.
Contact info:
Mary Albers Felkins, author of inspirational romance, creator of happily ever afters
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Watch – Your – Words

What you say is a direct reflection of the type of person you are. Words tell us about your attitude, morals, and personality. As a child of God we must watch what we say, and think before we speak. We are representing the King of Kings and our words must edify and spread a positive light on each situation.

My dear friend Emma introduced me to lip scrub recently. It is an exfoliation for your lips. It tastes like bubble gum and left me wanting more. What I’m trying to say is just like this lip scrub exfoliated the dead skin from my lips I must allow Gods Word exfoliate my heart. Whatever is in your heart will come out through your mouth. As a child of God, when you speak in an ungodly manner it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth, yet, sometimes we still want more. I guess we hope that we will get used to the taste. News flash, if you are truly saved the taste will always be bitter, because you have the Holy Ghost convicting you. On the flip side, when you speak the truth of God and edify one another, the words leave a sweet taste in your mouth. You will want more and others around you will not turn because your mouth is giving off an odor, but instead they will lean in closer because your words give a sweet aroma.

Dear precious child of God, allow God to speak through you! What does the Bible say about your words?

  1. They Must ENCOURAGE- Do they edify one another?

Ephesians 4

29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.

  1. Be ACCEPTABLE- What would Jesus say?

Psalms 19

14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

I encourage you to dive into God’s Word and study about your words. Also, watch your words this week and try to encourage more people that pass your way!


This lip scrub recipe proved to be successful!

I used:

1 Tbls of sugar

1 tsp of coconut oil

1Tbls of honey

(If you have allergies with coconut you can substitute with olive oil.)

Mix the ingredients together until the scrub texture is formed! If you desire a rougher scrub texture just add more sugar!

This was quick and easy! Also, it would make a great gift for someone!

My result:

My outcome is in the small jar! I just thought that was the cutest jar!

By: Hannah Wheeler


Stripes, stripes and more stripes!

Whether they are horizontal, vertical, wide or narrow, stripes are in this summer season!

Throw on a pretty dress, some shorts, or a cute top and it is amazing what these straight lines can do to liven up an outfit!

How are you wearing stripes this summer? #polishedstripes to let us know!Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.31.15 PM

Credit: Refined Magazine

By: Emma Danzey

Photography: Natalie Carol

Graphic Design: Brianna Molitor

Summertime Victory

Summertime is upon us, along with it comes a little bit of vintage inspiration! As we wade into the warmer weather, I love a cute and easy pin-up style!


This style starts with a high pony tail. Gather your hair up into a pony and leave a small to medium section of hair in the front out. It is easiest to leave the section out that is closest to the front of your natural part.


Backcomb the section you left out; sometimes it is easier to do this part first. You will backcomb the entire section of hair, from the bottom to the top. Next you will slowly roll the hair, smooth out the top of the hair; gently run the comb over the very top of the backcombed section to make it smooth.

TIP: Roll the ends of your hair around your finger to begin, get a good grip to keep the roll in place. (These rolls are called Victory Rolls J)

2.pngWhen you have finished your Victory roll put a cute scarf around your head and tie a knot at the top, let the ends hang loose around your face.

The ponytail is set in place by two bobby pins on each side of her head, it is an illusion of volume and curls!


Here is one picture in color! We did use her natural curl, but you can choose to do this style curly or straight! Have fun in the sun and rock that vintage vibe!

Taylor Morgan

The Scoop on Healthful Ice Cream (Part 2 of 3)

As the sun stretches high on the horizon, luring you outside, you may hesitate because, well, maybe you’re still trying to shave off a few pounds. But choosing a slimming, frozen dessert might help you reach your nutrition and fitness goal.

At least, it’s a good start. A sweet one.

This month, I’m taking a look at another frozen product, Arctic Zero.

According to their website, it’s the pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts. And I quote…

You know that feeling you get when you have to choose between indulging your sweet tooth and maintaining your healthy lifestyle? We dislike that. A lot. That’s why we created ARCTIC ZERO.”

            The founder’s mother was a Type I Diabetic, but the family loved ice cream. So he set out to create a frozen dessert that would maintain a reasonable blood sugar level without artificial sweeteners and without sacrificing taste. Arctic Zero was the fruit of his labor.

Because this frozen treat is fat-free, it can’t be classified as ice cream since, by law, it’d have to contain at least 10% milk fat and 20% milk solids. It doesn’t. Not even close.

Arctic Zero offers the following benefits:

Low glycemic (contributes to a gradual rise in blood sugar, sweetened with low cal monk fruit, a small, subtropical melon harvested in Asia)

Gluten free

No GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms; an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering)

Lactose free (lactose is a naturally occurring milk sugar which 65% of the world’s population has a reduced ability to digest)

Seems a girl would need a degree in biochem to make sense of all that when all she really wants to know is, “Is it good for me?” and “Does it taste good?”

The answer to those questions are, “Yes” and “You decide.”


So, What’s Your Preference?

Arctic Zero is offered in several chunky and creamy flavors, as well as chocolate liquor-dipped bars. Have fun looking around here: www.arcticzero.com

If chunky is your jam, I suggest Cherry Chocolate Chunk or Rocky Road Trip. If you go for smooth textured desserts, try Salted Caramel, Poppin’ Pomegranate, or Hint of Mint.

At the end of the day (or summer, I suppose), you’ll have to decide if the nutritional value, combined with degree of flavor satisfaction, was worth nearly $5/pint. But that’s true of anything.

To enhance the uniqueness of this frozen confection, I prefer mix-ins.

~Chopped, fresh fruit (Hello, strawberry and blueberry season!)

~A good little handful of either M&Ms, chocolate chips or sugar-free gummies

~Raisins and chopped nuts

~Crushed pretzels*

*Though I’m not gluten-intolerant, I’m in love with gluten-free pretzels (usually found in a designated section in grocery store).

You can order Arctic Zero on-line or find it at local Target and Wal-Mart stores. Just know, if, by Divine appointment, we should happen upon one another in the freezer section, make your choice quickly. Because when the need to indulge strikes, I may not be so patient.


Contact info:

Mary Albers Felkins, author of inspirational romance, creator of happily ever afters



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Epson Salt Secrets

One of my favorite things is Epsom Salt; it is one of the greatest natural remedies to use for health and beauty benefits, this salt is great for a number of things, I want to explore some of my favorite things that Epsom salt is used for.

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is Magnesium sulfate; it is regulated by the USP and the FDA, when buying the salt look on the packaging drug facts to confirm that the salt you are buying is regulated by these two.

Uses for Epsom salt:

My favorite thing to do with Epsom salt is to let the salt dissolve in a warm bath and soak. The salt relieves muscle pain and is a natural stress reliever. I love to dissolve the salt in the bath water and add a few drops of my favorite essential oil fragrance. Mix 2 cups of Epsom salt into the bath water with a few drops of oil.

Another use for Epsom salt is a facial scrub:

Mix one teaspoon of Epsom salt into one cup of hot water.

Chill in the fridge for 20 minutes

Apply to skin and rinse.

The uses for Epsom Salt are expansive; from bath water to mixing it into a deep conditioner to volumize your hair. You can also use it as a body scrub to soften and brighten skin. I hope you end up enjoying this natural remedy as much as I do!

Epsom Salt info source: epsomsaltcouncil.org

Taylor Morgan